Use iVo to:
1. Welcome vistors to your site.
2. Highlight features on your site.
3. Promote your products and services.
4. Inform or educate about important issues.
5. Deliver a specific call to action.
6. Increase online conversions by 300 percent.

iVo Internet Video Overlay

The new way to market your website, your products, and your services is through a website spokes person. A website spokes person can increase the attention that your website receives. Tons of different businesses are utilizing this cutting edge technique through iVo technology. Learn more about iVo Online Website Marketing!

Through iVo technology, short for Internet video overlay technology, you can create your very own online spokes person to represent your business. iVo is a new method of online video advertising that utilizes a spokes person of your choice. This online video has a transparent background, so all that you will see when you enter your site is the spokes person.

When someone visits your website, they will be greeted with a spokes person of your choosing, a spokes person that will seem almost as real as you or I. The video appears to be in 3D, so that the spokes person will appear even more realistic. There is nothing that will capture the attention of passers by more than a small person chatting to them on your site page.

Video marketing production is not a complicated process with a video marketing team in place. This video marketing team will help you through the entire production of your iVo. When you come to a video production company to start the creation of your iVo, the first step will be to create a first class script that you would like your spokes person to read.

The creation of a script is one of the most important steps in the development of an iVo. The script will help to hook potential clients as they peruse through your website. There are many different approaches that you can use when you are writing your script. You can even utilize more than one approach, and incorporate lots of different information into your iVo.

One of the most popular methods for catching the attention of online visitors is to simply offer a warm welcome to your site. Make a personal introduction, and have your spokes person introduce himself or herself to visitors. A personal introduction and a greeting go a long way through through iVo technology.

Show visitors around your website. By giving a tour of your website, customers may feel more comfortable navigating through your site. Show folks where and how to purchase what you are offering as well. Leave no gray areas when it comes to how to navigate your site.

In the tour of your site, make sure to emphasize crucial features, buttons, and links that you do not want potential customers to miss. Introduce important pages that may be hidden deeper within your website, and show them how to contact a representative if possible.

Your spokes person can even give a live demonstration of your products or your services. Show potential clientele just how amazing your products or services are, and how they work! Through a live demonstration, visitors can understand exactly what your products or services can do for them to better their lives.

Once you have developed a script that you feel comfortable with and that you think is right for your business, you can move on to the next step – finding a spokes person! This is another important part of video production, as this will be the face that visitors will associate with your business.

Choose a spokesperson from a wide variety of professional models. Find a professional model that fits the audience that you are targeting with your products or services. There are all sorts of models available through video production companies, so you are sure to find the perfect fit.

You can even become your own spokes person through your iVo. If there is another individual that you have in mind to become your spokes person, such as a friend or a co-worker, that is fine too! Come down to an iVo production studio to record your iVo.

The recording process is managed by professional videographers that use professional recording equipment. Receive the best video possible through iVo production. Once your iVo is complete and ready for it's debut, the video marketing team that has been working with you will even help to implement your iVo to the websites that you want to add it to. Add your iVo to any site that you want!

Websites with iVo technology are found to entertain visitors for a longer period of time – 3 or 4 minutes – than websites without iVo technology. Increase your site stickiness by keeping visitors on your site for longer through iVo. As your site stickiness increases, so does your SEO rankings, and in turn your site rank may increase as well. Climb the ladder of success with iVo technology on hand.

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